Mar 1, 2011


Lady Gaga "Born This Way" Official Film Clip.
I'm uncertain how I feel about this kind of new direction she has been going in, with the whole alien, "mother monster" theme. I mean I get it but haven't fully decided whether showing up in an egg to the 2011 Grammy awards was a good move. I suppose it excites people and she does want to seem mysterious.

I guess, I do like it because no one has really made it this theatrical in the past. But I suppose when she draws inspiration from David Bowie, this is what your going to get but from her view and masterful mind. There's that sense of not knowing whats beyond those skies in Outer Space. So I do kind of see that its the one last place left to explore in art, music and film because we're all just guessing.
I do like the huge bouffant, side pony tail and skull painted face she rocks half way through.
And also the whole intro/birth is quite interesting.

Have a look for yourself and decide.