May 30, 2011

Zen Zone

so I have been away for quite awhile, because for a matter of fact I was moving from my home town to a bigger city. Melbourne to be exact.
I have been sorting my life out slowly and creating a neutral space for myself to live in. I feel wonderful in my new surrounding's.
I wish to now, become a better person and only treat others how I wish to be treated.

Because nothing bad comes from being my usual self and learning to be proud and believing 100% in myself.
I am through with caring about what people think, and just wish to 'be'.

I don't necessarily, need anyone to make this happen. Friends come and go and I've learnt to appreciate that and them for the time I'll spend with them for however long or short it may be.

You have to say goodbye and of course be open to meeting new people anywhere in any situation. Melbourne has opened up what seems like 1000 doors for me and only after around 2 1/2 months or living here I have met some really personally beautiful human beings.

I know this is my chance to become what I've always yearned for. And I want nothing to do with anyone who's tells me I can't or puts me down for wanting to do so.

This is my new life, i'm not erasing the past but tidying it up. I have made a shit load of mistakes already. But they have all been minor thankfully.

Today is the future.

a good thing