Feb 13, 2011

Who is Charlie Le Mindu

The creativity and inspiration of this amazing work are just.. well there are no words.
FINALLY! sums it up.

Why not take it that one step further and make full length garments of long human hair.
I mean designers use animal skins and fur.
I think for us, it was just a matter of time until one brave designer came up with the concept.

It just kind of bugs me that it hadn't already happened. I usually think that fashion isn't ahead of it's time. But behind. I think by now everyone should be wearing latex and rubber and driving around on hovering automobiles and shooting lasers.
But maybe that's just me.
I think if we go back to the 60's we can see that designers like Rudi and the obvious Dior, Jean Paul and YSL. They were making collections that were considered "futuristic". Now I think glamour and decadence has kind of been thrown out the window because of the obvious economy crashes and I think people just generally don't care what they look like and would rather be comfortable or normal and don't want to stick out.
There needs to be a serious fashion and music reboot or I think something really really bad is going to happen with the happy-go-lucky lifestyle everyone has going on.

Anyway... here are some of Charlie Le Mindu's hairy situations!


I can't get over those blonde and pink hair leggings :::::::::OOOO