Jan 21, 2011

White Night.

a cold, playful wind climbs through the bedroom window.
incandescent flames ridding a top their wicks flicker, begging not to blow out.
the bedroom curtains dance around, and the waves cease any other sound from being heard.
the waves crashing down onto the ocean rocks then back out to sea again.
a light shines through the window every 10 seconds.
in and out.
the light house.
only one candle still burns, his friends all out.
his glow always trembling
ready to go out, ready to join them.

a white glare enters the room and sits me up.
i lean over and blow out a candle, like the rest.
the smoke lingers and twists it's way up into the midnight air.
that glowing figure.
that yellow flame.
eternal glowing boy.
will return again.