May 26, 2010

Sweep Away Your Own Debris

So clear you were not here,
When the trenches were dug.
And when the heat appeared,
Not a dropp of sweat...
Came from your brow.
And you expect my attention,
To listen to your delayed intentions!
And you expect my time to mention this...

Too much of what you have,
And take for granted...
Has been made easy for you to judge.
Including my activities.
But in my life,
What you say and offer...
Has not been made my priority.
Not to influence me to budge!

Your seriousness is elementary to me.
And there is something to be said,
About those who toiled from the old school!
Who learned to use their minds...
And not toys to use as tools to advance fools.

My path has never been paved,
With options.
Nor was it ever paved before time to it I gave.
And any options appearing,
Are those I made!

You show up to discuss,
How I should approach 'my' adventure.
When you display no ambition...
To pick up a broom,
And sweep away your own debris!
That's why I prefer you not to be around me.
To distract with aspects of your own insecurities.

Don't attempt to use my energy.
Sweep away your own debris!
Sweep away your own debris!
Or go elsewhere to play.
Just get away from around me.

Lawrence S. Pertillar