May 21, 2010

Brisbane you're bringing me down

Sometimes I wonder how I still live here. I know I'm only seventeen and all that bismerk but I am nearing eighteen in November and wanting to move to Melbourne around then. This is means I will have lived in Brisbane for seventeen years and in three years if I am not moved by then it will be twenty. Twenty whole years of living in a city that I dread to wake up in. To live in the city is one thing but when you live in the outer suburbs you feel like grabbing the nearest knife and repetitively stabbing yourself in the stomach. Now I know I'm being dramatic but seriously if I have to live in Brisbane for one more year I won't hesistate.

I know things could be worse and that I could live in a war torn country or a third world country but it's just that I don't want to be running into people where ever I go. It's come to the point where making new friends here is pointless because I know how they are going to be and how predictable the whole thing is. I think if I just move to a new city everything will be slightly better but really it's Australia in general, every capital city is worse then the next Melbourne is just the best of the lot that's why everyone from Brisbane wants to relocate there. And so help me god if I live in Melbourne and run into a person from Brisbane (how hypocritical).
All the ranting and raving aside. Brisbane sucks cock and Melbourne is moderately better... for now anyway.